Pun-Fun Sports Edition 1 (8-20 Players)


  •         It will be a hit at your next party or activity
  •         Many sports phrases are delivered into witty puns
  •         PUN·FUN may be played as a halftime activity or after the BIG GAME
  •         Create an atmosphere of adventure like a “scavenger hunt”
  •         8 to 20 Players
  •         10 to 15 minutes to play
  •         Easy to learn & fun to play
  •         $9.95 + shipping & handling
  •         See Sports Game for 21-40 players
  •         We can customize games for 41+ players; contact us

Amazon Customer Reviews

Sports Fanatics

I have a group of friends that are sports fanatics.  We play sports trivia and I thought that PUN·FUN would be a good fit.  We invited appox. a dozen over to the house for pizza & we played PUNFUN = fun & sports challenging!!


Great party activity for the sports crowd

We hosted a get together to watch the soccer game on TV at our house. We had about 16 people of different ages and played PUN·FUN at half-time.  Helped the group meet everyone.  Great mixer for the sports crowd or competitive friends.

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